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Need an Apartment Rental in Seattle Near the Water? Check Out These 3 Great Neighborhoods

by Daniel E. Fava
apartments in seattle: bread

apartments in seattle: breadIf you’re looking for an apartment rental in Seattle on Lake Washington, there are several great neighborhoods you can consider. Even though Seattle has a thriving urban district, the outlying neighborhoods somehow manage to keep a certain level of peace and harmony. These three great places show what Seattle neighborhoods should be.

Matthews Beach – population: 6,169, average apartment rent: $1,197

About 2 miles northeast of the University of Washington, this lakefront community lies on Washington Lake and has the largest freshwater swimming beach in the city. A large park features beautiful trees, picnic tables, playgrounds, a wildlife pond, native plants, and bird nesting areas.

Residents love having the park in their backyard and, since they can walk, they don’t struggle finding weekend parking like so many visitors.

There’s also a fun creative art studio called Art of Ages in the neighborhood which offers cool classes and camps for children.

Laurelhurst – population: 4,350, average apartment rent: $1,522

A beautiful area with trees everywhere, Laurelhurst is active in conservation and even has a private security patrol.

Jak’s Grill is a popular steakhouse; or rather, it’s a popular potato-pancake house that also serves steak. The seasonings on those potato pancakes are my drug.

If steak and potatoes aren’t your thing, stop at the Great Harvest Bread Co. for a delicious wheat scone with berries. Yum!

Ciao Bella is a cozy Italian restaurant, and Sunrice offers fantastic Korean food.

Major apartment complexes here include Lewisonplace Apartments and Laurelhurst Apartments.

Seward Park – population: 7,138, average apartment rent: $1,042

Named after a local city park, Seward Park features a peninsula that juts into lake Washington, and is built on a large hill. The park has a 120-acre old growth forest with several trees that are over 250-years old.

The rich wildlife in the area includes wild rabbits, a colony of Peruvian conures, and two nesting pairs of bald eagles.

Great local restaurants include the Flying Squirrel Pizza Co., Caffe Vita, Pizzuto’s, and Both Way’s CafĂ©.

There’s also a great gym called Rainier Health & Fitness, and a super little market called PPC Natural Markets — they have a spectacular choice of juices, smoothies, and bottled teas.

Check out Cederstrand Apartments on Rainer Avenue.

Make sure you set aside some time this next weekend to go out looking for your next apartment rental in Seattle, and visit these three neighborhoods. You’ll be glad you did.

How about you? Any luck finding apartments in Seattle? Comment below.

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