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22 Budget-Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Apartment

by Josephine Hogan

When moving into a new place, the first thing most people want to do is make it feel a bit more like home. Adding a few decorations will help to make it more comfortable. But when you’re living on a budget, upgrading your space may feel like something that is simply not possible. This is why we’ve made a list of ways you can cozy up your apartment without spending a ton of money.

Before you start on your next project, be sure to check in with your landlord. Especially if you aren’t certain something is allowed, like changing out a light fixture or painting walls.

Brighten Up The Walls

  • Roll on a fresh coat of paint.

If painting all the walls is too overwhelming, stick to the baseboards and trim.

  • Hang some peel-and-stick wallpaper.

If painting isn’t an option, try this which can be taken down when you move out.

  • Hang a tapestry.

Pick a large tapestry to add a pop of color without having to permanently change a wall.

  • Use washi tape to make a pattern on the wall.

 Create your own design that can easily be taken down again when you want something new.

  • Add some art.

Maybe you already have a few pieces lying around, or maybe you could do a bit of DIY to add to the décor.

  • Create an accent wall.

Pick an open wall in your new apartment where you can hang an arrangement of pictures. You don’t even need to frame them.

Upgrade The Lighting

  • Replace the old light fixtures.

Adding new lighting it can not only make the space feel brighter, but it will also help make it feel more cozy and warm.

  • Switch out the light covers.

If changing the fixtures out isn’t an option, try switching out the covers instead.

  • Hang a light.

In the dark corner of the room, hang up a light which will help add to the space.

  • Add LED lights under kitchen cabinets.

If your kitchen is a bit dark, adding under cabinet lighting will help brighten the space up with minimum effort.

  • Layer your lighting.

Putting lamps at different levels throughout the space will help add an inviting warm glow to the space.

Swap It Out

  • Change the showerhead.

This is an easy and cheap way to make your bathroom feel a bit more like a spa and less like an apartment bathroom.

  • Get a new toilet seat.

Be picky. Find something you really like.

  • Replace the light switch plates.

A small change like this can make a huge difference in the room. Pick something that matches your style to add to the overall ambiance of the room.

  • Pick out doorknobs.

Get rid of the boring with some stunning glass or porcelain doorknobs.

  • Change up cabinet knobs.

Like the doorknobs, pick out something you wouldn’t normally see. It’s an easy upgrade without breaking the budget.

  • Get a new kitchen faucet.

It may be a bit more work to change the faucet, but it’s worth the effort with the improvement to the kitchen.

Add a pop of color

  • Bring home a plant.

There are so many varieties of plants to choose from. Just be sure to get one that will fit your lighting situation.

  • Use a fun decorative pot.

With your new plant, pick out some fun containers.

  • Pick out a rug.

Whether you bring home a large area rug or just runners for the halls, there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • Get a few throw pillows.

There are so many great options to choose from when it comes to throw pillows. Or for a more budget-friendly option pick out a cover to go over the pillows you already have.

  • Add some curtains.

Not only will this help with the lighting in the house, but it’s an easy way to add color to your space.

With so many budget-friendly options to choose from, we want to know which one you’re looking forward to starting first. Or maybe you’ve already tried some of these on the list. Let us know in the comments what your favorite way to spruce up your apartment while on a budget.

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