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Here Are 2 Seattle Apartments That Are Near Amazing Restaurants

by Daniel E. Fava

There’s really no point in searching for Seattle apartments that aren’t near good restaurants; because, why would anyone only want to live near a Burger King or McDonald’s or whatever? The reality is that we all love good restaurants and we eat in restaurants all the time.

I’ve got news for you — if your apartment is right next door to a Denny’s, that’s where you’ll spend your time and money; if, however, your apartment is near a nice café with your perfect breakfast, you’ll be so much happier than if you ate at Denny’s every day.

So, I’ve prepared a list of two Seattle apartments that are surrounded by great restaurants. Live here and be happy:

The Luxe at Meridian – 10306 Meridian Avenue North, Seattle – $755 – 1,800

In addition to beautiful granite countertops and an included Internet, cable, and phone package, residents of The Luxe at Meridian apartments have easy access to these great restaurants:

  • Twins Garden Asian Restaurant – standard Americanized Chinese food, but very good
  • Saffron Bar & Grill – delicious Indian food, well-priced, spicy means spicy
  • Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge – near a movie theater, so you can bring a date, the veggie combo is the best dish here
  • Indo Café – If you’ve never tried Indonesian food before, now is the time to start — make sure to try the Durian ice cream

The Galleria – 10500 Meridian Avenue North, Seattle – $799 – 1,799

A quick stroll from both Northgate Mall and beautiful nature trails, these Seattle apartments have it all, including the following delicious restaurants:

  • Tropicos Breeze – if you had an abuelita, this is exactly what it would be like to eat at her house
  • Manna Deli & Teriyaki – you could live a short, happy life eating nothing but the tempura prawns
  • Café Nordstrom – yes it’s in a mall and yes it’s associated with the department store, but it’s yummy, so there
  • Jewel Box Café – delicious relaxation and even better crepes. This place will be the boss of you

Sometimes people give me a hard time for my belief that you should only consider Seattle apartments if they’re right next door to excellent restaurants, but then I take those people to lunch at the restaurants I love and they seem to forget that they thought I was an idiot, only an hour earlier. Happy apartment hunting!

How about you? Any luck finding Seattle apartments? Comment below.

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