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5 Bike Trails In Seattle To Try This Year

by Josephine Hogan

Are you looking for something to do this spring but aren’t sure what exactly that is? There are so many great things you can find spread throughout the city of Seattle. Like visiting a local antique stores. Or getting sushi for dinner. So many that it can be a bit overwhelming on which one to choose. Today, we want to offer some of our favorite biking trails throughout the state. Whether you’re looking to go on a short ride with the family or a whole day adventure, we’ve got them here.

As always, you’ll want to check out local guidelines and weather patterns for the days you’re planning to explore. And while you’re here, be sure to check out Market Apartments to find your next dream apartment.

1) Larsen Lake Perimeter Trail

If you’re looking for a short and easy ride, then check out Larsen Lake Perimeter Trail. This is a .8-mile loop near Bellevue, Washington and is a perfect option for taking smaller children. While you’re there, spend some time picking blueberries at the Lake Hills Greenbelt farm during the summer months. Or stop in for a bit of fishing in the lake.

2) Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

This world-renown destination is located on the Sammamish Plateau. At Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, you’ll find 120 acres of dense evergreen forest along with so many amazing trails to choose from. This is a fun, yet challenging place to ride mountain bikes. And depending on the trial you choose, you can find something for all ages, styles, and skill levels.

3) Lake Union Loop

Connecting Gasworks and Lake Union Parks, the Lake Union Loop is a perfect place to connect the community together. The trail links more than 35 pocket parks, street ends, and waterways that ring the lake. Whether you are looking to bike the entire loop or get to your favorite park to relax, you can do it here. The loop celebrates the rich and varied history of Lake Union while also enhancing the vitality and livability of the neighborhoods surrounding the lake. All while giving an excellent opportunity for adventure.

4) Interurban Trail

Linking several communities together, Interurban Trail is a near-straight 14-mile-long trail that follows the historic Interurban Rail Line. When biking this route, you’ll have a wide variety of landscapes and stunning views of many regional activities. You’ll see historic industrial areas along with suburban lands that make the experience so much more unique. If you’re not up for taking the entire trail, parking areas are available in several locations along the trail.

5) Burke Gilman Trail

Following the historic route of a former rail corridor, the Burke Gilman Trail because an official multi-use path in the late 1970s. Today the trail is popular for walkers, runners, and cyclists who are looking to explore the 18.8 miles of asphalt trail. Golden Gardens Park and the Sammamish River Trail mark the boundaries of the trail, making this a perfect trail for commuting as well.

Now that we’ve given you some of our favorite biking trails to check out this year, be sure to let us know which are your favorites. Head down to the comments and tell us if we mentioned one you’ve done before or you’re looking forward to trying this year.

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