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Ball State Receives $1 Million for New Seattle Apartments

by Daniel E. Fava
apts seattle: seattle apt

apts seattle: seattle aptA Seattle developer has donated $1 million for new Seattle apartments. They hope to gain national recognition for Ball State’s residential property management degree.

Weidner Apartment Homes decided to donate the money after discovering that the program was struggling financially.

“We wanted to make sure it continued to develop and grow and increase the student body in it,” Marie Virgilio said. “We wanted to make sure the students got scholarships and also while making the program more stable going forward should there even be more budget cuts.

“There aren’t a lot of residential property management programs out there,” she said. “The ones that are starting to come out aren’t as developed as this program. This program is really well developed,” according to the folks at https://www.bsudailynews.com/ball-statereceives-1-million-from-seattle-development-company-1.2649967#.Tqw6e97r5yw.

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