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75% of Seattle Single Apartment Renters Own Dogs

by Daniel E. Fava
apartments seattle: dog

apartments seattle: dogAs a follow up to my last post about apartments, Seattle is a great place for dog owners to live. I found this article and wanted to link to it.

 75 percent of the Seattle apartment  renters own dogs according to https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/blog/2011/02/childless-seattle-perhaps-but-not.html . There really is no mystery about it. Dogs are great companions and exercise buddies. They provide social interaction and friendship to the 57% of the population in Seattle who lives alone.

The number of dogs per apartment complex varies with some claiming to be overrun with dogs and some with only half of the renters owning dogs.

Recent census data showing that just one in five Seattle households includes children under the age of 18 so that meansSeattle has 45 percent more dogs than children. It seems that the percentage of singles owning dogs would have been lower since they are at work all day and can’ ttake their dogs for walks. Maybe more people are working at home these days or they take advantage of dog walkers of  and doggie day care facilities.

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