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Metropolitan Park Apartments in Downtown Seattle

Spotlight: Metropolitan Park!

  Searching for a nice apartment in downtown Seattle? Say no more, because Metropolitan Park is the ideal apartment for you! Metropolitan Park Apartments offers its residents an enriched lifestyle: A selection of luxurious rental homes, impeccable service, appealing amenities and an outstanding location. Oscar Wilde said, “I’m a person of simple tastes. I’m satisfied […]

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Moving out in seattle

There comes a time in our live where we must take the big step into the adult world. We must leave our parent’s nest and go out into the real world. This moment is very crucial, because it can make us or break us. The biggest thing we must do when we decide to take […]

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Apartments for rent in Seattle

      Are you looking for a stunning, friendly place to live? One that is minutes away from parks, museums, and shopping. With a great view over Seattle, The Viewpointe on Queen Anne is the ideal place to live when your in Washington. With a friendly, professional staff is dedicated to providing hotel-style amenities and […]

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With Low Apartment Vacancy Rates, Seattle Rent is on the Rise

As a follow up to my article on Seattle rent I found this and wanted to link to it. Finding a complex with low vacancy rates is difficlt, and now Seattle rent prices are on the rise. The basic issue is supply and demand. “Finding an apartment for rent is tight right now,” said appraiser Tom Follis  “It’s a trend […]

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