Looking for Apartments and Seattle Is Your Happy Place? Here Are 4 Cool Neighborhoods to Consider

If you love Seattle, but don’t want to live right downtown, consider these three neighborhoods at the north end of the city, between the water and I-5. They’re very diverse, and each one has a lot to offer.

Broadview – population: 7,799; average apartment rent: $1,259

The Broadview neighborhood lies Skyrocket in the most northwest part of Seattle and has a bluff along the western edge that separates it from Puget Sound. A key feature of Broadview is Carkeek Park which has several easy hiking trails with views of the water — a great place to spend weekend afternoons. There’s also #3: Llandover Woods, a wonderful meandering forest trail that is great for kids.

Bitter Lake – population: 7,113; average apartment rent: $649

Just east of Broadview is the Kendall Bitter Lake neighborhood. New residents of this Seattle community are pleasantly surprised by the number of decent restaurants for such a small place. Favorites include Fu Man Dumpling House with fantastic dumplings Classic and garlic sauce, El Camion with the most delicious grilled veggies stuffed into wholesale jerseys burritos ever, and Pho of Aurora, a superb Vietnamese restaurant with excellent vegetarian options.

Haller Lake – population: 7,590; average apartment rent: $1,025

With a peaceful lake in the center of the neighborhood, this area also is home to Northacres Park, a large, forested public park that allows for off-leash dog runs and operates a wading pool M? during summer months. Located between the Bitter Lake neighborhood and I-5, this Seattle neighborhood hosts the hidden gem of the Family Donut Shop with the best buttermilk bar in the entire world.

Some of the best apartments in Seattle are here:

  • The Galleria – 10500 Meridian Avenue North
  • The Luxe at Meridian 10306 Meridian Avenue North

Blue Ridge – population: 5,174; average apartment rent: $1,274

South of Broadview and with Puget Sound as a western wholesale nba jerseys boundary, Blue Ridge (also known Beacon as North Beach) is the home wholesale nfl jerseys of over 350 beautiful Agencies homes built in the 1950s — like an architectural time capsule — that give the area a wonderful local flavor. Residents are sure to find out quickly about Alexa’s Garden Café which is located inside a glass nursery.

This great part of ??? Seattle is one of my favorites. While it’s a little removed from downtown, that’s a plus for many people; and, it’s really not that bad since downtown is only about 8 miles south. Make sure, if you’re looking for great apartments and Seattle neighborhoods, to cheap nfl jerseys check out The Galleria and The Luxe at Meridian in the Haller Lake neighborhood.

How about you? Any luck finding Seattle apartments? Comment below.

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