Cost of Living in Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a beautiful city. Filled rich oxygen and atmosphere, a open-minded and free state that offers a variety of fun and attraction. The emerald city is filled with thriving tech industries, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in the metropolitan areal. If you are planning on moving to Emerald City, here is what your going to be expecting when it comes to living there.

Apartments in Seattle

Seattle is ranked the 34th most expensive city. 


Median 2-bedroom apartment rent $1,875 / month
Median home price (3BR, 2BA) $490,000
Monthly mortgage + interest $1,803 / month



Gas (per gallon) $3.87
Monthly public transport pass $90.00



Bread $1.34
Dozen eggs $2.02
Gallon of milk $1.92
12-inch Pizza Hut pizza $8.60
McDonalds Quarter-Pounder with cheese $4.01
Starbucks Grande Latte $3.67



Movie ticket $11.42
Bowling game $7.00
6-pack Heineken beer $9.19


Cost of a doctor’s visit $102.67
Cost of dentist visit $125.00
Lipitor $258.19



Cost of Living Seattle, WA United States
Overall 154 100
Grocery 107.7 100
Health 119 100
Housing 252 100
Utilities 92 100
Transportation 106 100
Miscellaneous 110 100



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Sources: Data collected from Nerdwallet

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